Manufacturer of adhesives, coatings, canvas jacket, duct seal for Mechanical Insulation & HVAC

Manufacturer of adhesives, coatings, canvas jacket, duct seal for Mechanical Insulation & HVAC from Robson Thermal Mfg. Ltd.

By: Robson Thermal Mfg. Ltd.  09-11-2010
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Robson’s Brushes (Throw-Away ‘Chip’ Brushes For Glue, Duct Sealant, Coatings, Lagging, Mastic, and Grease)
- our ‘chip’ brushes (1" to 7" wide) are specially designed to improve worker productivity in the construction industry when compared to the standard ‘chip’ brushes. Smooth wood handles, natural bristles
- our brushes are longer to extend the worker’s reach, and have more bristles that hold more without dripping

Flamex FR Canvas (25/50 Fire Rated)
- fire resistant 6 ounce canvas for covering mechanical insulation indoors
- plain weave cotton, no dyes, the only canvas that’s easy to tear both directions with no starting cut, no bunching
- fabric is 52 ½" wide, ULC and ASTM 25/50 fire rated, packaged in rolls

Robson’s ET Canvas (Not Fire Rated)
- treated with proprietary non-toxic treatment to make it easy to tear, but not fire resistant
- plain weave cotton, 6 ounces per square yard, not dyed, for covering mechanical insulation indoors
- easy to tear in both directions without a starting cut, fabric is 52" wide, packaged in rolls
- less bunching and less loose threads than any other non fire rated canvas

Robson’s Fitting Cotton (Not Fire Rated)
- plain weave cotton, 3 ounces per square yard, not dyed, for covering insulated pipe fittings indoors
- the only fitting cotton that’s easy to tear in both directions with no starting cut
- faster to fabricate because there’s no need to use scissors
- less bunching and less loose threads than any other fitting cotton, stretch and fit without wrinkles

Robson’s 10 ounce Canvas (Not Fire Rated)
- plain weave cotton, 10 ounces per square yard, not dyed, for covering insulated pipes, ducts, and equipment
- easy to tear in both directions with no starting cut
- for heavy duty protection of insulation is required such as marine applications and industrial factories

Robson’s RT-80 (Outdoor Duct Sealant - Solvent Base)
- HVAC duct and plenum sealant, low odour, silver coloured, elastomeric, fibre reinforced, high and low velocity
- for outdoor use, non-sagging, non-cracking, UV resistant, remains pliable when frozen, meets SMACNA and LEED standards, will not get brittle or crack (all other duct seals get brittle and crack when applied outdoors)
- freeze/thaw stable

Robson’s Duct Seal-WB  (Indoor Duct Sealant - Water Base)
- HVAC duct and plenum sealant, low odour, grey colour, elastomeric, fibre reinforced, high and low velocity
- for indoor use, non-sagging, non-cracking, UV resistant, freeze/thaw stable, meets SMACNA standards
Robson’s Fire Retardant (Water Base)
- clear, non-toxic, water based fire retardant for most fabrics, clothing, carpets, unfinished wood, and paper
- used for clothing and set materials in film and stage productions, crafters, trade shows, and industry

Robson’s Foam (Water Base)
- white, ultra-light weight formable foam for making visual effects, movie and stage props, 3-D objects, themed landscapes, models, animatronics, miniatures, sculptures, art, and faux decorating
- can be tinted, carved, cut, drilled, nailed, screwed, sanded, painted, molded, and joined to itself or any other materials including foams, wood, metals, plaster, clay, plastic, and glass
- embed wires, pipes, LED lights, hinges, and other objects into the foam when wet
- apply unlimited thickness in one application without slumping, deforming, or falling off

Robson’s Liner Coat (Water Base)
- black, durable, washable neoprene coating for new or existing acoustic duct insulation to prevent fibre erosion
- restores damaged duct liner facing to like new condition, low odour, dries fast, won’t clog spray equipment
- costs 75% to 95% less than replacing damaged duct insulation with new insulation, freeze/thaw stable

No Sweat-FX (Water Base)
- anti-condensation paint that prevents sweating on cold and multi-temperature surfaces including metal, concrete, and wood, ideal for metal buildings, cold pipes, ship hulls, and building structures
- white colour, can be tinted like latex paint, apply with brush or airless sprayer
- does not interfere with operation and maintenance of pipe fittings, pumps, strainers, unions, valves, etc.

Robson’s PVC Glue (Solvent Base)
- solvent based glue for gluing down laps on the PVC jackets and fittings covers used to cover exposed pipe insulation, dries clear, makes jacketing system 100% water and vapour proof
- Instant holding, non-sagging, in-can applicator tool for gluing PVC jacket laps is included, freeze/thaw stable

Robson’s RT-10, Robson’s Mastic (Water Base)
- breather mastic, white or grey, durable, fast setting, bridges cracks, fibrated, elastomeric, for all fibre and foam insulations, indoors and outdoors, costs less than PVC, canvas, or metal bevels and end caps, freeze/thaw stable  - use RT-10 to finish insulation bevels and end caps instead of using PVC or metal
- coat and protect insulated pipe fittings, and insulated ducts, vessels, and tank roofs
- instant and permanent adhesive for making pipe insulation fittings such as elbows and tees, freeze/thaw stable

Robson’s RT-11 (Water Base)
- black, heavy duty, one coat sealant for acoustic duct liner insulation edges and seams
- elastomeric and extra durable, apply with brush or putty knife, freeze/thaw stable
- creates a permanent seal that is equal to metal flashing in the ability to prevent insulation fiber erosion
- use to join acoustic duct insulation edges together to create a permanent bond stronger than the actual insulation

Robson’s RT-14 (Solvent Base)
- black, trowel grade asphalt, fibrated, vapour barrier mastic, .018 perms, for service temperature up to 240'F
- weather-proof vapour barrier mastic for protecting outdoor insulation on hot or cold pipes, vessels, ducts, tank roofs
- also used for water-proofing underground air ducts and underground pipe insulation
- also used as vapour barrier bed coating for cavity wall insulation
Robson’s RT-15 (Water Base)
- adhesive for gluing insulation pins with perforated metal or plastic bases onto concrete, drywall, or wood 
- after RT-15 is dry, impale insulation onto pins and secure with clips
- non-slip formulation holds pins in place instantly and dries to make the pin permanently fixed to the structure
- freeze/thaw stable, low VOC’s and very mild odour means RT-15 is ideal for use in occupied buildings
- RT-15 is not suitable for gluing pins with perforated bases to metal surfaces

Robson’s RT-17 (Solvent Base)
- adhesive for insulation pins with perforated metal bases 
- adhere the perforated metal base onto concrete, drywall, wood, or metal then impale the insulation onto the pins
- non-slip formulation holds pins in place instantly and permanently
- freeze/thaw stable

Robson’s RT-20, FRP Panel Adhesive (Water Base)
- instant holding adhesive for adhering fiberglass reinforced plastic panels (FRP Panels) to interior walls of buildings
- fast drying, fibre reinforced, non-sag formula, light beige colour, freeze/thaw stable
- holds panels in place so they won’t slip or sag while RT-20 is drying
- designed for adhering FRP panels to wood, concrete, drywall, and plaster walls

Robson’s RT-23, Energy Saving Radiant Barrier Paint (Solvent Base)
- bright aluminum colour paint for protecting black asphalt and black rubber type mastics from UV sun damage
- apply to roof-top HVAC units and ductwork to reflect heat from sun and reduce cooling demand
- apply to black asphalt on flat roofs to reflect heat from the sun to reduce indoor heat gain by 15' to 20'F
- apply on roofs of RV’s and chilled transport trailers to reduce cooling demand by reflecting summer sunlight
- apply to the underside of wood or metal roofs to reflect radiant heat transfer from the sun to the building interior

Robson’s RT-24, Gilsonite Bituminous Paint (Solvent Base)
- for underground and outdoor HVAC ducts, pipes, gutters, Foam-glass insulation, concrete, and masonry
- seals and protects surfaces from weather, water, corrosion, rust, alkalai, and chemical attack
- apply with brush, roller, or sprayer - dries in 1 to 4 hours to a thick glossy black coating

Robson’s RT-32, Robson’s Asbestos Encapsulant (Water Base)
- use full strength for encapsulation, mix with water for post-removal sealing or lock down, non-toxic, elastomeric
- forms a tough, water-proof, pliable skin that encases the asbestos, white colour can be tinted
- for surfaces that operate up to 250'F (121'C), intermittent to 280'F (137'C)

Robson’s RT-38, Elastomeric Paint To Protect Insulation From Weather, Chemicals, and Impact (Water Base)
- finishes and protects all flexible and rigid foam insulations, and all fibre insulations with a factory jacket
- paint-like coating, white colour that can be tinted, fast drying, non-toxic, low VOC’s, brush, roll, or spray-on
- water resistant, UV resistant, impact resistant, stays flexible and elastomeric at low temperatures

Robson’s RT-45, Duct Liner Adhesive (Water Base)
- duct liner adhesive that sets and drys faster than regular duct liner adhesives, black or white, freeze/thaw stable
- apply with sprayer, brush, or roller to metal HVAC ducts then install duct liner

Robson’s RT-50, Duct Liner Adhseive (Water Base)
- instant holding duct liner adhesive, beige colour, freeze/thaw stable
- apply to metal HVAC ducts with brush then install duct liner
- duct liner is held in place immediately by RT-50 even if duct is immediately turned upside down

Robson’s RT-83, Vole, Rat, and Rodent Repellant (Solvent Base)
- unique paint that keeps voles and other rodents from chewing on electrical cables and equipment inside electrical enclosures and conduits
- RT-83 does not kill or harm animals or rodents, RT-83 is a repellant, water resistant, durable, freeze/thaw stable
- originally developed to protect electrical cables located in airport runway pull-pits, but there are many other applications 
- soak common sponges in RT-83 and stuff the soaked sponges into cracks and holes to prevent entry of rodents

ThermaLite (Water Base)
- thin film coating that thermally insulates hot and cold surfaces, R-15 per inch thickness, 3 lb/gal when wet
- for small pipe fittings and vessel attachments, or large surfaces like walls
- trowel grade and spray grade, apply by trowel, form by hand, or apply with brush or sprayer
- does not interfere with operation and maintenance of pipe fittings, pumps, strainers, unions, valves, etc.

Ticki-Tuff, Duct Liner Adhesive (Water Base)
- HVAC duct liner adhesive, black colour, easy clean-up, very mild odour makes it ideal for fabrication shop use
- insulation can be re-positioned before adhesive is dry
- Spray Grade won’t clog up spray equipment, freeze/thaw stable
- Brush Grade clings to brush to reduce drips and clean-up, freeze/thaw stable

TRV Insulation
- unique, ultra-thin, ultra-light insulating panels, 3 times more insulation value than fiber glass insulation
- for insulating tents, vehicles, buildings, and other surfaces, stays flexible at all temperatures, fire resistant
- make into re-useable temporary shelters by applying over framing, or make a self supporting arch
- various sizes, shapes, and  thicknesses from 1/16" to 2" thick, can be faced both sides with almost anything
- cut and sew panels together, nail, screw, or staple, use velcro or other fasteners

White Lag and Black Lag, Lagging Adhesives (Water Base)
- lagging adhesives for fabrics, indoor finish for FSK foil jackets, and edge sealants for HVAC duct liner
- lower odour and easier to clean-up than other lagging adhesives, freeze/thaw stable
- thicker than other lagging, mixing is not required
- White Lag is ultra white colour brighter and whiter than any other lagging so it matches PVC fittings
- Black Lag is flat black colour that is used in exposed black ceiling spaces such as theatres and museums 

Research & Development
- Robson Thermal develops specialty coatings and composites that reduce maintenance costs, improve safety, improve indoor air quality, or reduce energy use. There is no cost or obligation to have us review your requirements and submit our proposal.

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