Other | - Part 2

By: 86 Bad Tips  09-12-2011

Other | - Part 2

I can tell you this. One thing your waiter/waitress hates is seeing you pull out a tip chart. If you can figure out how much to tip, feel free to ask your waitress, she can help you out. Another thing your waiter hates is to see you left him a religious tract and no/bad tip. We are thinking about making a shirt that says “Hey Christians, if you want to recruit me, tip me”.

Hey servers, would you buy this shirt?

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He was in the restroom standing in front of the urinal when he noticed his table was standing right next to him. Leroy Vaughn, a Waiter and TGI Fridays in Washington DC was working a rough Friday night last week. He had lots of “Pain in the rear” customers.


Funny E-mails | - Part 2

We will be sure your name is removed from the list we share with other organizations With respect to Ad Servers: We do not partner with or have special relationships with any ad server companies.


Funny E-mails

I expect YOU to earn it.I expect the table, chair, floor, windows, silverware, tableware, menus and all else to be clean.I expect the food order to be correct and timely.I expect you to be cordial and the atmosphere pleasant.I don’t want to hear excuses.



I would guess that it is a combination of melted ice, mop water, spilled drinks, washed hands drippings mixed with miscellaneous food particles. Double- This is where we work two shifts in one day, generally with a several hour lunch but sometimes straight through. Regulars- These are the people that are in the restaurant so much everyone knows their name and what they like to eat.