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By: 3d Glasses Online  09-12-2011
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Did you know that American Paper Optics, the world's leading manufacturer of paper 3D glasses, has produced nearly 200,000,000 3D glasses and inserts specifically for binding into magazines, newspapers, and other publications? Yes, that's right! American Paper Optics specializes in 3D Bind-in glasses and viewers for both large and small publications.

Nearly all 3D bind-in glasses and inserts applications have several key elements that affect the process of inserting the paper glasses. In addition to the particular optics that will make your promotion successful, the size of the insert, weight of the board, ease of the detachment of the viewer, and "machinability" of the inserts are just a few of the important factors to review and test for 3D Bind-in glasses. We will work closely with your bindery or plant manager to assure the insert style will meet specifications required for easy bindery insertion.

In 1998, we pioneered the 3D promotions craze with our 20,000,000 3D Bind-in viewers inserted into 10,000,000 issues of National Geographic Magazines. Months of testing and careful planning paid off as we designed the perfect viewer for easy insertion. Since then, we have designed custom viewers, bind-ins, and tip-ons for dozens of publications including Guitar World (550,000), Astronomy Magazine (300,000), and a USPS children's magazine (2,000,000). National Geographic for Kids Magazine used 1,400,000 of our 3D ChromaDepth® viewers to enhance their 30th anniversary issue. The New England Patriots football team celebrated their latest Superbowl victory in 3D with their annual publication, which we supplied 60,000 inserts and 10 converted 3D images from the big game. For three (3) straight years Nickelodeon Magazine went 3D with over 1,300,000 of our 3D inserts and over 15 ads and activities all converted in 3D by our staff artist. A television broadcast of NBC's Medium was brought to the third dimension with the help of APO's 7,000,000 inserts distributed by TV Guide. In 2007, we manufactured and folded for tipping, 6,500,000 3D Anaglyph glasses for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues. Even more recently we produced 16,000,000 3D ColorCode inserts for Time Inc for publications all on the newsstand the same week (Time, People, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Entertainment Weekly). Just this year we have produced multimillion quantities of 3d inserts for GQ, Playboy, and Maxim magazines.

Our experience and our exclusive optics such as ChromaDepth, HoloSpex, and IYF 3D make American Paper Optics the expert consultant and manufacturer for 3D bind-in glasses applications. Our in-house 3D conversion specialist can transform your editorial or advertising content so that it explodes in your face, jumps off the page, or plays hide and seek.

Keywords: Publications

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