PHP for FileMaker

By: 360works  09-12-2011

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.

Unlike FileMaker, PHP is free to deploy and most ISP's offer PHP hosting using MySQL. The disadvantage of PHP is that unlike AppleScript, Cocoa, or Java, it is mostly only useful in a web browser. It also does not have the full object-oriented programming style of Java, which is better suited to larger, more complex sites.

When to Use PHP

We typically recommend using PHP for small to medium-sized projects that need to be hosted by a third party vendor. Some examples would be customer service forms or inquiry pages, surveys, and contact management solutions.

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We used QuickTime for Java to handle much of the low-level sound handling, which freed us to concentrate on the unique features that they needed for their testing purposes. After discussing several possible technology options with them, we decided that the best approach would be to create a custom Java application. The project finished on-time at the quoted price, and has been used for several successful launches.


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We have experienced trainers on staff who are available for travel to your location, and who can maximize your investment by making sure that your staff understands the software that we create for you. 360works is a member of the Filemaker Business Alliance, Apple Developer Connection, and the Atlanta FileMaker Developer's Group.


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There can be alot of ego involved in software development, and many programmers are guilty of "programming in a vacuum" - they want to create their product without 'distractions' like feedback. Developers will often attempt to 'swallow the problem whole', and create grandiose plans that wind up being undeliverable and over budget.2) Feedback is often unsolicited and ignored.


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Please give us an idea of what type of solution you need, and one of our project managers will contact you immediately to work out the details and put together a detailed proposal. It is our policy to never charge for project estimates.