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KARNIVOR Meals prepared by AA2000 are composed primarily of raw meats. They are raw so as not to lose any of the nutritional value of the protein and fat. This method of preparation allows your animal to better assimilate the food ingested.

Our meats are from slaughterhouses destined for human consumption. The principal meats are chicken horsemeat and bison. Horsemeat liver, bison liver and cod liver oil complete our ingredients.

The composition of the product is a minimum of 65 % raw meat (when discussing on a dry matter basis).

Theses meats are combined with plant source products such as rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, roasted buckwheat, alfalfa, wheat bran, kelp, dehydrated carrots and beets. Cold pressed sunflower oil filtrate, spices, vitamins and minerals, clays and yeast complete our product.

Our product contains no preservatives, artificial coloring or flavouring, binder, sugar or salt. We ensure the ingredients we buy do not contain any of the above artificial ingredients. Your cat or dog will have the same nutritional advantage no matter what product you choose.

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