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     Each photo shoot will give you the quoted number of pictures in full resolution and without copyright. This means you are free to modify, sell and use these pictures in any way you wish. We do not modify the pictures in any way with the exception of a slight crop if required. This means you can adjust color, white balance and contrast as you wish when you receive the files.

  • Golf course photo and video
  • Wedding or special events

We now have UAV's that can be used for many applications from Fencline checking, security, search and rescue etc. Please call to discuss the possibilites. 

     In the near future we will be adding FLIR (infrared cameras) to aid in commercial or residential heat loss location, hot spot locations after fires, search and rescue, and many other possibilities.

We are always open to new challenges and ideas. If you don't see something on the list call Steve to discuss the possibilities.

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Steve Kloppenburg

Keywords: Pictures